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April 06, 2020 | 4 minutes to read
Summary: We understand that each industry has its own dynamics and trends that change business strategies. And we feel it’s our responsibility to support your business with information from the latest developments in your industry that will shape your strategy. So we decided to send this newsletter to provide you with the most relevant and important …

We understand that each industry has its own dynamics and trends that change business strategies. And we feel it’s our responsibility to support your business with information from the latest developments in your industry that will shape your strategy. So we decided to send this newsletter to provide you with the most relevant and important information for your industry and to give inspiration for manufacturers seeking to thrive.

TOP 10 Manufacturing Trends for 2020

Manufacturing Global highlights 10 trends set to drive transformation and disrupt the manufacturing industry in 2020:

1. Cobots: The rise of collaborative robots “cobots” will help manufacturers with the challenges posed by skills shortages. 

2. Blockchain: Top three drivers behind blockchain investments of manufacturers are greater cost savings, enhancing traceability and enhancing transparency.

3. Cybersecurity: The demand for cybersecurity professionals will continue to exceed supply with two in three organisations worldwide reporting a shortage of IT security staff.

4. AI & Machine Learning: It offers the ability to support predictive maintenance by using algorithms in the form of machine learning to brief technicians on inspections and repairs.

5. VR & AR: Leveraging these technologies will bring value to the business applications in the manufacturing industry.

6. Distributed Manufacturing: Replaces much of the material supply chain with shared digital information and provides companies with a cost-effective option.

7. Internet of Things (IoT): IoT can deliver the intelligence organisations need to both sustain operational excellence and transform their businesses.

8. 3D Printing: It will allow companies to make faster & cheaper prototypes and accelerate product development.

9. Predictive Maintenance: Reducing unplanned machine downtime by being able to foresee problems and maintenance in advance.

10. 5G Networks: It will benefit the industry by fuelling the innovation in the smart factories of the future.

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The Manufacturer: Top 10 Videos of 2019

Manufacturing businesses continually face new and perennial challenges in making their businesses more advanced, agile and competitive. From embracing new leadership and management expertise and identifying more cost-effective methods of production, to managing energy expenditure and implementing incremental changes in digitalisation requirements.

Here are the most insightful 10 videos from 2019 that show how some manufacturers tackled these challenges from increasing efficiency and profits, implementing successful digital transformation and cloud applications to risk management.

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Global Conditions to Remain Challenging for Manufacturers in 2020

Manufacturers around the world have had a challenging year in 2019. The impact of the ongoing trade dispute between the US and China and uncertainty surrounding the UK’s withdrawal from the EU have both contributed to the slowing of the global economy, which will have given the sector’s leaders many sleepless nights this year.

The uncertainty of Brexit is likely to persist throughout the transition period but some areas of opportunity still exist. And while emerging markets in the Middle East will likely witness healthy growth levels as oil prices stabilise, resilient domestic demand and rising wages will provide a boon to manufacturers in Eastern European countries such as Hungary and Poland.

Despite the challenging outlook, many businesses across the sector are developing strategies to cope with the issues facing them and remain competitive. One of these includes investing in technology. AI and robotics, for example, will enable firms to continue to upskill staff and drive efficiencies, helping to improve profitability.


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MAKE UK Survey Reveals Link Between Wellbeing and Productivity

This investment in people has brought with it a boost in productivity for 90% of manufacturers along with improvements in workforce relations. With ever-increasing skills shortages, rapid technological change and an ageing workforce, manufacturers are investing more than ever before in their employees’ health and wellbeing.

Wellbeing is sitting at the heart of manufacturing businesses and is increasingly seen as a core objective for companies. To that end, 85% of firms see it as their duty to encourage and promote physical and mental health wellbeing in the workplace.

These findings are revealed in a wide-ranging report into the UK’s health & safety landscape published today by Make UK, the manufacturers’ organisation and Howden Employee Benefits & Wellbeing, part of Hyperion Insurance Group, report entitled “Health, wealth and wellbeing for Manufacturers”.

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Manufacturers have a unique position in the business market as they can be hesitant to allocate enough money to build an effective marketing strategy. Many manufacturers admit they find it harder to sell their services and technologies as many of their clients can’t find their business online.
Along with having a strong online presence is very important, the way your brand is differentiated is also crucial to stay ahead of your competitors. 

Here our strategy tips to reach to your buyer audience and to highlight key differentiators of your business in 2020:

– It is predicted that almost half of searches worldwide will be done through voice search in 2020. The advent of voice search could change how your potential customers look for parts and services that are provided by your business. So it’s important for you to optimize your website’s content to stay ahead of your competition.

– Make sure to have a content strategy for your digital marketing activities that is targeted for your buyer personas. It will help your business get found online and build brand awareness. As one of the important trends of 2020, video content should be integrated to your overall strategy.

– Referrals and reviews are becoming even more important. Your clients will be your advocates so make sure to use testimonials and to have a good understanding of your business’ online reputation. Also ask your current clients to refer your business to other prospects.


Having an effective digital marketing strategy will help your business get more traffic and leads. Find out how the correct digital marketing funnel can drive sales on our blog: Creating An Effective Marketing Funnel To Drive Sales 

If you’re struggling to allocate time and budget for your digital marketing activities, contact us today.

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