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April 06, 2020 | 4 minutes to read
Summary: We understand that each industry has its own dynamics and trends that change business strategies. And we feel it’s our responsibility to support your business with information from the latest developments in your industry that will shape your strategy. So we decided to send this newsletter to provide you with the most relevant and important …

We understand that each industry has its own dynamics and trends that change business strategies. And we feel it’s our responsibility to support your business with information from the latest developments in your industry that will shape your strategy.
So we decided to send this newsletter to provide you with the most relevant and important information for your industry and to give inspiration for architects seeking to build a better world.

TOP Design Trends of 2020

While the last few years were defined by sweet pinks and brass fixtures, in 2020 will see a return to strong geometric forms (as one forecaster called it, “Neo-Deco”) as well as surprising interpretations of neutral hues.

With sustainability being the top priority for all industry, here are some trends we’ll be seeing in 2020:

Simple Luxuries:  Warm minimalism with a harmonious outlook with elements of nature will be embraced. It’s going to be all about natural materials with sustainability in mind.

Amped-Up Neutrals: Neutrals that are often relegated to the background—off-whites, tinted grays, earthy ochres, and tactile beiges—will instead step to the fore, continuing that reconnection with nature and authenticity.

Japanese Influencers: Japanese aesthetic with its use of natural materials in simple forms, reinforce a feeling of purity that is at the core will be a strong presence in 2020.

Natural Selection: The trend of going back to nature continues as botanical prints, lush greens, and replications of wood grains will dominate the industry.

Geometry Lessons: It is predicted that bold colors and clean-cut lines of modernism will also dominate interiors.

Find out more about what major trends are expected in the design industry in 2020:


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Adaptive Reuse: 4 Projects Giving New Life to Architectural Heritage

In recent decades, “adaptive reuse” has gained significant traction as a means of breathing new life into an old structure, offering an often complex challenge for designers, architects, and indeed everyday users. This adaptive reuse exercise begins with a study of the many possible approaches to synthesizing old and new. From showcasing ruins to volumetric reconstruction, the designers may take several approaches in response to variables such as cost, utility, or architectural stance.
Click the link below to read more about the four projects that demonstrate the effectiveness of this method in driving the renovation, reuse, and rebirth of an aging piece of architectural history.

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BIG and Toyota reveal the city of the future at base of Mount Fuji in Japan

Danish architecture studio BIG is designing a “prototype city of the future” with wooden buildings and autonomous vehicles for Japanese car company Toyota near Mount Fuji in Japan.
The Woven City will be built around a network of streets that will cater for transportation at three different speeds. Main streets will be used by autonomous vehicles including the Toyota e-Palette, smaller streets will be for other modes of personal transport including bicycles, scooters and Toyota’s i-Walk, and the third type of street will be fully pedestrianized.

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The role of your digital marketing is as vital as your salespeople. And this year we’ll be seeing some new trends for the world of architecture that will shape many companies’ digital strategies in the industry.

We’re taking a look at the two most important trends for your industry in 2020:

Voice Search

It is predicted that almost half of searches worldwide will be done through voice search in 2020. The advent of voice search could change how your potential customers look for solutions and services that are provided by your business. So it’s important for you to optimize your website’s content to stay ahead of your competition. Make sure to update your current website content regarding possible voice search inquiries. These could be such as “what’s the best architecture firm near me”. 

Video Marketing 

Even though the architecture is one of the most creative and visually appealing jobs in the world, we don’t see a lot of architecture pages on social channels. Although you don’t need to share day-to-day aspects of being in the industry, sharing your projects and success stories or vlogging can be a great idea to connect with your audience. Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world and is watched more than Netflix and Facebook combined. So make sure to integrate Youtube and other video platforms in your strategy. 

Approachability and Trustworthiness 

In 2020 one of the main trends we’ll see is creating transparent communication for your brand and being open and real to your audience. Show how hard your team is working, show behind the scenes via project walk-through or answer questions from your audience and keep it interactive.  You can also use stories to create an authentic view of your company as they are a great way to provide real-time insight.


If you want to learn more about which trends we’ll be talking about digital marketing in 2020 have a look at our blog: The Future of Marketing: 5 Predictions for 2020


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