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Why is Website Development Important for Lead Generation and Brand Awareness?

May 02, 2020 | 4 minutes to read
Website Development Important for Lead Generation
Summary: Although it may seem easy, as no one better knows your business than you, having a clear and appealing website to generate leads and ensure brand awareness could be difficult. According to Hubspot Marketing Statistics 2019, generating traffic and leads are top challenges of 61% of marketers. With the increasing importance of brand awareness in …

Although it may seem easy, as no one better knows your business than you, having a clear and appealing website to generate leads and ensure brand awareness could be difficult. According to Hubspot Marketing Statistics 2019, generating traffic and leads are top challenges of 61% of marketers. With the increasing importance of brand awareness in the ‘search for lead’ environment, making most of the current website is vital. Not only the homepage but also other pages on the company’s website should be equally appealing and informative to enhance brand awareness and increase the number of leads.
Here’s how to create a  successful lead generation strategy:

Targeted Messaging

Knowing the audience helps businesses to adopt the best tone on the website to reach visitors. The language of the text, design, and the colour scheme will differ based on who the business wants to engage in. Some characteristics to categorise the audience would be gender, age range, culture and knowledge level about the sector. Using the right keywords based on the characteristics of the audience will generate the right traffic to the website. What we mean by the right traffic is qualified visitors who are interested in precisely what your business offers and are potential customers. Explaining offered services/products in a complex way or with your own terminology and technical details never helps; clarity and emphasizing the pain points of the prospects as well as using ‘you’ language is vital.

Use of Call to Action (CTA) and Landing Pages for a Powerful Conversion Strategy

As its name suggests, CTA is button calling for a specific action such as ‘Click Here to Subscribe’ and ‘Learn about Offers’. Whoever clicks to a CTA, will be led to a landing page, which includes a form to collect the visitor’s contact information. Once the visitor submits the interest, the visitor would become a lead that businesses can stay in touch with in the future. By securing leads from CTAs, businesses will increase the number of contacts in their internal lists and can use them to build more targeted marketing strategies by creating personas and sending customised emails for updates and offers.

Businesses may choose to optimise the number of CTAs on their website instead of using extensively. Placing them in various pages with different phrases based on the content and funnel stages of visitors would be an effective strategy.  Based on HubSpot, companies with more than thirty landing pages on their website generate seven times more leads compared to the companies that have up to 5 landing pages. Simplicity is essential in calls to action; powerful and direct phrases would allow the user to create an account and stay in the loop with the business.

Adding Calls to Action to the pages that a business receives the most traffic would be wise. Businesses may wish to find out which pages are visited the most through Website Analytics. Having fresh leads would decrease bounce rates in email lists and allow the website to serve as a dynamic sales funnel rather than a static leaflet.

Continuous Engagement with Strong Visuals and Live Chat

Website visuals should be clear and simple enough to convey the message of the business. While the visuals should not steal a role or cause confusion about offerings, the use of moving images on homepage and videos in different pages in the website are good tactics to enhance the engagement; 88% of visitors spend more time when videos are used on the website (Breadnbeyond, 2020) (Impact BND).

Businesses have to keep in mind that the ease and the quality of visuals are good enough for all responsive devices. The time of loading is another important fact in choosing visuals. Using bigger size visuals may cause loading problems and may end up losing qualified visitors.  Having thoughtfully designed visuals will also strengthen the businesses’ brand image and increase engagement.

Another way to increase engagement is to embed live chats on the website. A website needs to serve as dynamic platform that initiates communication rather than being static window. Live chats can be highly beneficial for visitor satisfaction and serve for a better brand image. The benefit of adopting live chat is sector agnostic; according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index in 2019, the satisfaction rate from live chats outpaces the average satisfaction rate in all sectors.

Source: Statista based on American Customer Satisfaction Index Data 2019

Web analytics would be a great resource to nurture leads with strategic design of live chats. Analytics that gives the answer to which webpages attract the highest number of visitors with the longest time spend will help businesses to design where the live chat can be shown to deliver better customer support.


Solid web development is composed of two key pillars; the architecture and the content of the website. The architecture can be strengthened with engagement methods; using optimal number of CTAs and visuals, and adopting live chat. Leveraging the content with target messaging would give a better understanding of the business for the visitors and build brand awareness. Overall a better web development will also lead to a higher chance of generating leads that fuel sales channel.

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