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What are the Benefits of Social Media Influencer Marketing?

March 12, 2020 | 3 minutes to read
Benefits of Social Media Influencer Marketing
Summary: Integrating Influencer Marketing in Social Media efforts is one of the most popular effective strategies businesses can do. It focuses on marketing products & services around key individuals who are able to influence purchasing decisions of potential buyers which can be quite targeted. It also helps to build a brand online very quickly and effectively …

Integrating Influencer Marketing in Social Media efforts is one of the most popular effective strategies businesses can do. It focuses on marketing products & services around key individuals who are able to influence purchasing decisions of potential buyers which can be quite targeted. It also helps to build a brand online very quickly and effectively while also raising awareness in the target audience.

Forbes reported that influencer marketing is growing faster than digital ads so it has been proved as an effective advertising tool for many marketers. With influencer marketing, by establishing the right partnership and offering value to the customers you can easily reach your target audience. It’s a great way to build brand awareness and generate new leads to sales funnel by increasing website traffic.

benefits of social media influencer marketing

Source: Business Insider

Using brand influencers in content marketing has been very effective especially for B2C companies but it should also be noted that B2B companies can also benefit from the value that an influential person in their industry can bring to their business.

Here are six benefits of influencer marketing that can boost your social media strategy:

1. Builds Credibility & Trust

A blogger becomes an influencer when their followers trust their views and recommendations so when they talk about a brand it will provide instant credibility. They establish themselves as thought leaders in their area by proving their expertise in their niches. When acknowledged by an authoritative person, a product or service can be recognized by their audience which can be quite effective for the brand. It’s unlikely that any recommendations will be trusted by an influencer’s audience but still, brands need to be extra careful with the motives and the trustworthiness of all parties.

2. Improves Brand Awareness

When mentioned by an influencer, brands get known by many people and expand their reach immensely. The key element here is to find the right influencer who can represent the brand correctly and with the audience that would fit the brand’s target. To maximize influencer strategy results, brands should ensure that they are partnering with an influencer whose niche aligns with the brand strategy so they provide value for both to the viewers and to themselves.

3. Enriches Your Content Strategy

It’s not easy to always come up with fresh and engaging content for your social media so influencer marketing can help to freshen up your content strategy. By working with influencers you can provide some quality content that can get the right audience’s attention and it may also help you generate some new approaches to your strategy. Usually,  influencers’ approach to creating content already works with their audience so it can benefit the brand just as much.

4. Reaches Your Target Audience

Your message will be published in front of the audience that is already interested in your niche when you work with an influencer because they will have already fostered that audience. It’s one of the reasons why influencer marketing can generate high ROI is by providing access to the relevant audience. Because when your message gets to the right audience, they will be more likely to make a purchase from your brand.

5. Connects with the Audience

Influencer marketing embraces the idea of delivering content that solves problems and educates while also inspiring an audience. And this is where it aligns with inbound marketing strategies as influencers can directly connect to people who are looking for solutions to their problems. By leveraging this already established relationship, brands can provide direct value to their target audience. And since the followers have chosen to follow these influencers, the brand message won’t come across as pushy or intimidating.

Final Say

Influencer marketing can bring so many benefits to marketers who are looking to increase their brand awareness and reach. When the right influencer connection is established, businesses can start to see their positive results very quickly. Although it’s still new for B2B companies, it’s no wonder that every industry has its thought leaders and influencers who can affect the purchasing decisions of many people. Depending on the industry and the approach, integrating influencer marketing into your digital marketing strategy will drive a higher volume of quality leads and improve brand awareness.

Contact us if you want to see how your business can benefit from the influencer marketing strategy.

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